: Public <<Union>> Class
Created: 23.5.2022 18.05.10
Modified: 1.8.2022 13.54.15
definition of the second parameter that defines the shape of a biaxial ellipsoid, or the third parameter that defines a triaxial ellipsoid<br/>Note: A biaxial ellipsoid requires two defining parameters: a semi-major axis and inverse flattening or a semi-major axis and a semi-minor axis. When the reference body is a sphere rather than an ellipsoid, only a single defining parameter is required, namely the radius of the sphere; in that case, the semi-major axis “degenerates” into the radius of the sphere.<br/>
Public Scale
Notes: inverse flattening value of the ellipsoid<br/>
Public Boolean
Notes: ellipsoid is degenerate and is actually a sphere<br/>Note: The sphere is completely defined by the semi-major axis, which is the radius of the sphere. This attribute has the value “true” if the figure is a sphere.<br/>
Public Length
Notes: length of the semi-minor axis of the ellipsoid<br/>
Tag Value
noPropertyType false
Values: false
Default: false
Description: Surpress creation of a standard property type that supports inline encoding (applies to ISO 19136:2007 encoding rule). Always set to false in INSPIRE.
persistence persistent
xsdEncodingRule iso19136_2007_INSPIRE_Extensions
Values: iso19136_2007 | iso19139_2007 | iso19136_2007_INSPIRE_Extensions
Default: iso19136_2007_INSPIRE_Extensions
Description: XML Schema encoding rule to apply
Property Value
isFinalSpecialization: 0